Strengthening the ability of the land grant university system to execute its rural development mission

Board of Directors

The Center’s Board of Directors establishes policies and program emphases.


 Current Affiliation
Brent Elrod#
USDA/NIFA Liaison Indefinite
Sarah A. Low#
USDA/ERS Liaison Indefinite
Doug Buhler***
AgBioResearch Continuous
Jeff Dwyer***
Michigan State University Extension
Chris Caldwell
College of Menominee Nation
Karl Martin University of Wisconsin
C.Y. Wang
South Dakota State University
Richard Todd* Reserve Bank of Minneapolis 2014-2017

*Chair; **Chair-elect; ***Host institution
#Non voting member appointed by USDA
•2nd Term / ••3rd Term

NCRCRD Board of Directors Bylaws
Board member appointments begin January 1 through December 31 (4-year terms)