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Recognition and Stigma in Prescription Drug Abuse and Alcohol Abuse (1/17/18)
Presented by: Robert Shupp and Scott Loveridge (Michigan State University)

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Supporting Local Food Councils: A New Professional Development Course (1/15/18)
Presented by: Kendra Wills (Michigan State University) and Jodee Ellett (Purdue University)
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How the Opioid Crisis Impacts Individuals and Rural Communities (12/5/17)
Presented by: Michelle Sybesma, Parkdale Center for Professionals
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Curbside Chat: An Important Look at the Financial Realities Facing American Towns (11/21/17)
Presented by: Charles (Chuck) Marohn
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Recognition and Stigma in Depression and Anxiety (11/1/17)
Courtney Cuthbertson and Scott Loveridge (Michigan State University)
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Connecting Health Insurance and Agricultural Viability—Helping farmers and ranchers address health-related risks
Shoshanah Inwood (The Ohio State University), Bonnie Braun (University of Maryland Extension), Adam Kantrovich (Clemson University), Maria Peppidas (University of Delaware Extension) and Bob Parsons and Jake Jacobs (University of Vermont Extension), and Scott Loveridge (Michigan State University)
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Family Business Contributions to Sustainable and Entrepreneurial Rural Communities Over Time
Linda Niehm (Iowa State University),Glenn Muske and Margaret Fitzgerald (North Dakota State University)

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Reducing Rural Cancer Disparities Together
Kadi Row, Mary Ann Schilling, Cody Fredrick and Kathy Staats (University of Wisconsin)
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Deaths of Despair in Pennsylvania and Beyond: A Demographer’s Take on Drug, Alcohol and Suicide Mortality in Small City and Rural America (5/24/2017)
Shannon M. Monnat (Pennsylvania State University)
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Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Inequality (5/9/17)
Tom Lyons, Michigan State University, product Center food-Ag-Bio
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Urban First
John Mann, Jason Parker and Scott Loveridge (Michigan State University)
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Creating Resilient Small City Downtowns
Bill Ryan & Chuck Law (University of Wisconsin), Zachary Kennedy (University of Illinois)
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Community Impacts of Energy Development Webinar Series #3: New voices in Energy Impacts Research: Graduate Research Highlights
Dylan Bugden (Cornell University), Bec Coplvin (University of Queensland), Emily Grubert (Stanford University) and Shawn Olson-Hazboun (Utah State University)
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Placemaking Michigan:
Placemaking as an Economic Development Tool (2/2017)
Kurt Schindler and Mark Wycoff, Michigan State University
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Additional handouts (details of some slides, curriculum, Placemaking book order form and table of contents)
Extended PPT File

Community Supported Enterprises: Lessons Learned & Opportunities to Preserve or Enhance Social Capital
Norman Walzer (Northern Illinois University)
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Stakeholder Centered Community Marketing, Center for Community & Economic Development
Placemaking Webinar Series #3

Presented by: Kristen Runge, University of Wisconsin
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Building Organisational Resilence in the Face of Systemic Insecurity in a Complex and Interconnected World
Presented by: John Vargo, Co-leader and Director,  Resilient Organisations, Ltd, New Zealand

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Hard Cider in the NC Region: Industry Survey Findings and Opportunities for Rural Development

Presented by: Michelle Miller and Matt Raboin (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
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Building Strong Economies and Healthy Food Systems from the Bottom Up

Presented by: Anthony Flaccavento
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Leading Communities: Development of a Place-Based Leadership Program (8/18/16)
Deborah Tootle (Iowa State University) and Jerry Braatz (University of Wisconsin)
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Assessment of Tribal Natural Resources Needs and Services: Transforming Governance, Management, and Sovereignty in the Upper Great Lake (7/18/16)
Jubin Cheruvelil, Michigan State University
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The Impact of Latino-Owned Business on Local Economic Performance

Craig Carpenter, Michigan State University
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Tribal Community Development Projects in the Great Lakes Regions (2/25/16)
E. Proctor (Michigan State University), D. Newman (University of Minnesota) and B. Gauthier (Lac du Flambeau Tribal University of Wisconsin)
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Building Community Capacity through Strategic Planning

A. Silvis (University of Illinois) and B. Nesbitt (Ohio State University)
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Economic, Social and Environmental Policy Challenges in the Bakken Oil Field

D. Ripplinger and A. De Laporte (North Dakota State University)
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Assessing Strategies for Water Supply in Bakken Region
R. Hearne and F. Fernando (North Dakota State University)
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Facilitating Rural Development in the greater Great Lakes Region: Development of a regional collaborative to support sustainable hops production
J. Robert Sirrine, Michigan State University
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Fostering Cross Disciplinary Research on Energy Development (12/10/15)
J. Jacquet & A. Junod (South Dakota State University) and J. Haggerty (Montana State University)
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Extension Programming Approaches for Farmers Under the Affordable Care Act
S. Innwood (University of Vermont), A. Kantrovich (Michigan State University), B. O’Neill (Rutgers University), and R. Riportella (Kansas State University)
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Affordable Housing Policies for Essential Service Workers in the Bakken Region (11/9/15)

L. Flage & F. Fernando (North Dakota State University) and J. Jacquet & A. Junod (South Dakota State University)
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Choosing to Share Your Farm: Farmer and Community Approaches to Agritourism

I. McKinnon (University of Wisconsin Stout)
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Are We Entrepreneurs?

C. Reimers-Hild (Rural Futures Institute, University of Nebraska), C. Hancock (Nebraska Extension) and G. Muske (North Dakota State University)
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Missouri-Illinois Step Up to Leadership Program Impact Evaluation
J. Reed Adams, K. Keller & W. Majee (University of Missouri), A. Silvis (University of Illinois) & G. Donahue (Missouri Association for Community Action)
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The Impact of Shale Energy Development on Food Access in Rural Communities
M. Betz & J. Clark (The Ohio State University)

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Biofuel Feedstock Supply Coordination in the North: Options and Obstacles
S. Joshi, B. Ross & S. Loveridge (Michigan State University)

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Anticipatory Preservation Planning: Protections of Rural Cultural and Physical Landscapes (7/20/15)
H. Fischer & D. Fischer (North Dakota State University)
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An Assessment Tool for Improving Public Engagement Around Complex, Emergent and Contested Science and Technology Issues (7/16/15)
W. Eaton (Michigan State University)
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Strategies for Developing Successful CRED Extension Programs: Perspectives of a Program Leader (6/15/15)
T. Borich (Iowa State University)
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The Opportunities and Challenges of Sustaining Community Food Systems

T. Rice (Kansas State University) and M. Walk (Michigan State University)
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Persistent & Emerging Issues in Rural Education: Insights from Recent Economics of Education Research (3/9/15)
E. Mykerezi (University of Minnesota)
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Developing Local and Regional Food Systems in Nebraska 
C. Francis (University of Nebraska), J. Bailey & K. Starkweather (Center for Rural Affairs)
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Piketty’s Capital & Inequality of Income and Wealth

J. Coggins (University of Minnesota)
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Two Years Out: A Review of the Native American Institute’s Project on the Potential and Impact of the Hearth Act (11/2014)
G. Henry, T. Mrozowski & A. Haviland (Michigan State University)
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Evaluating Impacts of Natural Resource Development (10/28/14)
M. Redlin and J. Jacquet (South Dakota State University)
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Arts and Community: Funding Opportunities and Resources from the National Endowment for the Arts (10/20/14)
J. Schupbach, National Endowment for the Arts
Recorded presentation

Funding and Sustaining Local Food Systems in Eight Midwest Communities (9/16/14)
L. Naeve & C. Hartsook (Iowa State University)
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Extension in the Intersection of Community Development & Health (8/4/14)
J. Adams, L. Johnson, W. Majee & B. Maltsberger (University of Missouri)
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USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture Overview of Community Development Initiatives and Opportunities
By Brent Elrod, USDA/NIFA - Narrated PowerPoint delivered at the National Program Leader’s preconference, National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals, June 22, 2014. 

Download and combine the files below into one PPT file (Part 1, 2, 3), open saved file in PowerPoint. To hear audio, hit F5 or the “show” icon in the presentation.
PowerPoint Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3    

Rural Social Media Champions: Development of Models of Diffusion & Best Business Practices

L. Niehm (Iowa State University), B. Frazier (Western Michigan University) & L. Stoel (The Ohio State University)
Recorded presentation     PowerPoint

The HEARTH Act: A whole New Ballgame

B. Newland (Fletcher Law, PLLC)
Recorded presentation     PowerPoint
If you have not filled out the survey, please take a few moments and complete the NAI HEARTH Act 2012 (Thank You!)

The Role of Wholesale Grocers in Rural Food Distribution - Implications for Robust Local Food Systems (3/4/14)
K. Draeger, University of Minnesota
No recording available.     PowerPoint

Experimental Estimates for State Level Personal Consumption Expenditures (3/26/14)
C. Robbins & L. Guci (Bureau of Economic Analysis)
 -  Survey Article: August 2013: A First Look at Experimental Personal Consumption Expenditures by State
 -  Working Paper: Experimental PCE-by-State Statistics, April 2013
Recorded Presentation     PowerPoint

Shifting Intermediaries: Tracing the Land Grant Role in Water Management in Nebraska
S. Gasteyer (Michigan State University) & N. Wall (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Recorded Presentation     PowerPoint

Utility Scale Renewable Energy Development - Project Siting & Conflict Resolution

E. Romich & P. Hall (The Ohio State University) & W.  Beyea (Michigan State University)
Recorded Presentation     PowerPoint   
The Utility Scale Wind Energy Development Course

The Introduction and Development of the Community-Flow Measurement Instrument (10/24/13)
R. Cantrell & A. (University of Florida)

Recorded Presentation     PowerPoint

Improved Information Transfer to Assist Farmers in Rural MI & WI in Making Informed Decisions About On-farm Scale Anaerobic Digesters

M. Charles Gould & Ben Bailey (Michigan State University)
Recorded Presentation      PowerPoint
     Digester Sizing Spreadsheet (Excel)
     Anaerobic Digester Implementation on Small Dairy Farms in MI and WI: A Literature Review
     Small Digester Case Study - Peters Family Farm (WI)    
     Small Digester Case Study - Bakerview EcoDairy, Abbotsford, BC 
     Small Digester Case Study - Keewaydin Farm, Stowe, Vermont
     Small Digester Case Study - Joneslan Farm, Hyde Park, Vermont

Poverty & Socioeconomic Distress in the North Central Region: Assessing Trends

L. Lobao, M. Partridge & M. Betz (The Ohio State University) & R. Goe (Kansas State University)
Recorded Presentation

Common Impact Indicators in Extension Community Development (3/26/13)
T. Borich (Iowa State University), S. Chazdon (University of Minnesota), Mary Simon Leuci (University of Missouri) and S. Loveridge (NCRCRD)
Recorded Presentation        PowerPoint

Recreational Homes, Gateway Communities, and Rural Development (3/13/13)
D. Marcouiller (University of Wisconsin-Madison), M. Skidmore (Michigan State University), R. Winkler (Michigan Technological University)
Recreational Homes & Planning in Gateway Communities: A Literature Review
A Triple Bottom Line
Recreational Homes and Migration to Remote Amenity-Rich Areas
Recreation homes, amenities & destination regions
Demographics of recreation housing
Recorded Presentation    PowerPoint

Food Systems Indicators Profiles (Febuary 2013)
L. Brown (University of Wisconsin-Madison) & A. Haines (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point)
NC Region County Food Systems Profiles Portal
Recorded Presentation   PowerPoint

Overview of USDA Rural Development Loan Program (January 2013)
M. Brodziski & J. Broussard (USDA/Rural Development)
Recorded Presentation          PowerPoint

Keeping Your Equine Business a Vibrant Part of Rural Communities (December 2012)
K. Anderson (University of Nebraska) & C. Skelly (Michigan State University)
Recorded Presentation         PowerPoint

Asset Building in Rural Communities: Exploring Barriers and Identifying Opportunities (December 2012)
C. Needles Fletcher & J. Warning (Iowa State University), R. Heins & P. Olson (University of Minnesota)
Recorded Presentation      PowerPoint

Publishing University Based Engagement (December 2012)
Nancy Franz (Iowa State University)
Recorded Presentation     PowerPoint

Best Practices in Small Town Business Incubation (November 2012)
Randall Jackson & Peter Schaeffer (West Virginia University)
Recorded Presentation     PowerPoint
RRI Working Papers

Incorporating Interactive Web Techniques with Public Engagement and Community Decision Making (November 2012)
C. Seeger, D. Otto & D. Van Wyngarden (Iowa State University), T. Gallion, M. Simon Leuci and S. H. Massengale (University of Missouri)
Recorded Presentation        PowerPoint

Trends in US Farmland Values and Ownership (October 2012)
J. Ifft and T. Kuethe (USDA/Economic Research Service)
Recorded Presentation          PowerPoint

Learning from Community Leadership Development Education: Challenges for Educators (October 2012)
S. Chazdon (University of Minnesota), L. Etuk (Oregon State University), and K. Pigg (Missouri State University)
Recorded Presentation        PowerPoint

21 Years of First Impressions (October 2012)
A. Lewis (University of Wisconsin), M. Moss (The Ohio State University), K. Nix (West Virginia University)
Recorded Presentation                   PowerPoint

Heritage Tourism for the North Central Region (Introduction) (September 2012)
J. Avery (Michigan State University), F. Boggus (Community Planning & Development, Iowa), L. Dickerson and C. Mefford (University of Missouri)
Recorded Presentation           PowerPoint

Rural Wealth Creation: Concepts, Strategies, and Measures (May 2012) (
J. Pender, A. Marré , and R. Reeder (USDA Economic Research Service)
Recorded Presentation                   PowerPoint

The Business Solutions Professional Approach: Connecting Extension to Workforce and Economic Development (April 2012)
M. Polzin and D. Winthrop (MSU Human Resources and Labor Relations)
Recorded Presentation                   PowerPoint

The Economic Crisis - Is There Room for Middle Ground? (April 2012)
A. Womack (University of Missouri)
Recorded Presentation                   PowerPoint

Community Retail Analysis Techniques: Updated Approaches in the New “Downtown Market Analysis Toolbox” (March 2012)