Strengthening the ability of the land grant university system to execute its rural development mission

The NCRCRD periodically sponsors or facilitates webinars to help connect rural development researchers and Extension professionals with each other and with stakeholder groups. The NCRCRD sponsored webinars are free and can be accessed at:  (To nominate a topic contact Rosa Soliz)

Upcoming Webinars:

Strategies for Developing Successful CRED Extension Programs: Perspectives of a Program Leader
June 15, 2015 (Monday) 1:30 PM - EASTERN TIME
Tim Borich (Iowa State University)

Anticipatory Preservation Planning: Protections of Rural Cultural and Physical Landscapes
July 20, 2015 (Monday) - 11:00 AM - EASTERN TIME
Heather Fischer and Dominic Fischer (North Dakota State University)

Producing Energy, Protecting Food: The Impact of Shale Energy Development on Food Access in Rural Communities
August 18, 2015 (Tuesday) - 2:00 PM - Eastern Time
Michael Betz and Jill Clark (The Ohio State University)

Assessing Strategies for Water Supply in Bakken Region
Robert Hearne (North Dakota State University)

Anticipatory Planning: Protections of Rural Culture and Physical Landscapes
Heather Fischer and Dominic Fischer (North Dakota State University)

Energy Boom and Bust Labor Market Impacts and Strategies
David Ripplinger and Dragan Miljkovic (North Dakota State University)

Measuring the Impact of Extension’s Web-Based Entrepreneurship Outreach
Connie Reimers-Hild and Connie Hancock (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) and Glenn Muske (North Dakota State University)

Preparing Communities for Shale Development through Sustainable Planning
Myra Moss, Cynthia Bond, Eric Romich and Nancy Bowen-Ellzey (Ohio State University) and David Olson (South Dakota State University)

Evaluating Impacts of Natural Resource Development
Meredith Redlin, Mary Emery, Jeffrey Jacquet and S. Kang (South Dakota State University), Greg Goreham and Kathleen Tweeten (North Dakota State University)

Missouri-Illinois Step Up to Leadership Program Impact Evaluation
Johanna Reed Adams and Wilson Majee (University of Missouri), Annie Silvis (University of Illinois) & Georgie Donahue (Missouri Association for Community Action)

Elevating and Expanding the Traditional Business Retention & Expansion Program
Nancy Bowen-Ellzey, David Civittolo (Ohio State University), Scott Hutcheson (Purdue University) and Nora Ladjahasan (Iowa State University)

Building community capacity through strategic planning
Anne Silvis and Kathleen Brown (University of Illinois), Becky Nesbitt, Greg Davis and Rose Fisher Merkowitz (Ohio State University)