Strengthening the ability of the land grant university system to execute its rural development mission

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Archived Webinars:
Wind and Solar Energy in the U.S.: Policy Recommendations for Rural Development (12/10/14)
P. Robertson (Utah State University)
PowerPoint     Webinar Recording

Economic Implications of Unconventional Fossil Fuel Production (11/3/14)
A. Weinstein (University of Akron)
PowerPoint     Webinar Recording

Socioeconomic Issues and Biofuel Energy
H. de Gorter (Cornell University)

Coordinating U.S. Water Policy: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities (11/13/13)
A. Reimer (Michigan State University - W. K. Kellogg Biological Station)
PowerPoint     Webinar Recording
Rural Broadband Availability and Adoption: Evidence, Policy Challenges, and Options
R. Gallardo (Mississippi State University), S. Strover (University of Texas) & B. Whitacre (Oklahoma State University)
Policy Options for Broadband in Rural Regions - Policy Brief
Technical Report      Broadband Executive Summary
PowerPoint    Webinar Recording

Natural Gas Extraction: Issues and Policy Options
S. Ferrell and L. Sanders (Oklahoma State University)
Natural Gas Extraction - Brief
Natural Gas Extraction  - White Paper
Natural Gas Extraction Policy Matrix
Technical Supplement Natural Gas Extraction: Issues and Policy Options
PowerPoint    Webinar Recording

If Congress Passes It, Will Farmers Sign Up? (12/5/12)
A. Reimer, NARDeP Postdoctoral Fellow
Webinar Recording