Strengthening the ability of the land grant university system to execute its rural development mission

Archived NCRCRD Webinars (Reverse chronological order)


Persistent & Emerging Issues in Rural Education: Insights from Recent Economics of Education Research (3/9/15)
Elton Mykerezi (University of Minnesota)
Recorded presentation     PowerPoint

Developing Local and Regional Food Systems in Nebraska 
C. Francis (University of Nebraska), J. Bailey & K. Starkweather (Center for Rural Affairs)
Recorded presentation     PowerPoint

Piketty’s Capital & Inequality of Income and Wealth
J. Coggins (University of Minnesota)
Recorded presentation     PowerPoint

Two Years Out: A Review of the Native American Institute’s Project on the Potential and Impact of the Hearth Act (11/2014)
G. Henry, T. Mrozowski & A. Haviland (Michigan State University)
Recorded presentation

Evaluating Impacts of Natural Resource Development (10/28/14)
M. Redlin and J. Jacquet (South Dakota State University)
Recorded presentation     PowerPoint

Arts and Community: Funding Opportunities and Resources from the National Endowment for the Arts (10/20/14)
J. Schupbach, National Endowment for the Arts
Recorded presentation

Funding and Sustaining Local Food Systems in Eight Midwest Communities (9/16/14)
L. Naeve & C. Hartsook (Iowa State University)
Recorded presentation     PowerPoint

Extension in the Intersection of Community Development & Health (8/4/14)
J. Adams, L. Johnson, W. Majee & B. Maltsberger (University of Missouri)
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USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture Overview of Community Development Initiatives and Opportunities
By Brent Elrod, USDA/NIFA - Narrated PowerPoint delivered at the National Program Leader’s preconference, National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals, June 22, 2014. 
Download and combine the files below into one PPT file (Part 1, 2, 3), open saved file in PowerPoint. To hear audio, hit F5 or the “show” icon in the presentation.
PowerPoint Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3    

Rural Social Media Champions: Development of Models of Diffusion & Best Business Practices
L. Niehm (Iowa State University), B. Frazier (Western Michigan University) & L. Stoel (The Ohio State University)
Recorded presentation     PowerPoint

The HEARTH Act: A whole New Ballgame
B. Newland (Fletcher Law, PLLC)
Recorded presentation     PowerPoint
If you have not filled out the survey, please take a few moments and complete the NAI HEARTH Act 2012 (Thank You!)

The Role of Wholesale Grocers in Rural Food Distribution - Implications for Robust Local Food Systems (3/4/14)
K. Draeger, University of Minnesota
Recorded Presentation     PowerPoint

Experimental Estimates for State Level Personal Consumption Expenditures (3/26/14)
C. Robbins & L. Guci (Bureau of Economic Analysis)
 -  Survey Article: August 2013: A First Look at Experimental Personal Consumption Expenditures by State
 -  Working Paper: Experimental PCE-by-State Statistics, April 2013
Recorded Presentation     PowerPoint

Shifting Intermediaries: Tracing the Land Grant Role in Water Management in Nebraska
S. Gasteyer (Michigan State University) & N. Wall (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Recorded Presentation     PowerPoint


Utility Scale Renewable Energy Development - Project Siting & Conflict Resolution (12/2013)
E. Romich & P. Hall (The Ohio State University) & W.  Beyea (Michigan State University)
Recorded Presentation     PowerPoint   
The Utility Scale Wind Energy Development Course

The Introduction and Development of the Community-Flow Measurement Instrument (10/24/13)
R. Cantrell & A. (University of Florida)
Recorded Presentation     PowerPoint

Improved Information Transfer to Assist Farmers in Rural MI & WI in Making Informed Decisions About On-farm Scale Anaerobic Digesters
M. Charles Gould & Ben Bailey (Michigan State University)
Recorded Presentation      PowerPoint
     Digester Sizing Spreadsheet (Excel)
     Anaerobic Digester Implementation on Small Dairy Farms in MI and WI: A Literature Review
     Small Digester Case Study - Peters Family Farm (WI)    
     Small Digester Case Study - Bakerview EcoDairy, Abbotsford, BC 
     Small Digester Case Study - Keewaydin Farm, Stowe, Vermont
     Small Digester Case Study - Joneslan Farm, Hyde Park, Vermont

Poverty & Socioeconomic Distress in the North Central Region: Assessing Trends
L. Lobao, M. Partridge & M. Betz (The Ohio State University) & R. Goe (Kansas State University)
Recorded Presentation

Common Impact Indicators in Extension Community Development (3/26/13)
T. Borich (Iowa State University), S. Chazdon (University of Minnesota), Mary Simon Leuci (University of Missouri) and S. Loveridge (NCRCRD)
Recorded Presentation        PowerPoint

Recreational Homes, Gateway Communities, and Rural Development (3/13/13)
D. Marcouiller (University of Wisconsin-Madison), M. Skidmore (Michigan State University), R. Winkler (Michigan Technological University)
Recreational Homes & Planning in Gateway Communities: A Literature Review
A Triple Bottom Line
Recreational Homes and Migration to Remote Amenity-Rich Areas
Recreation homes, amenities & destination regions
Demographics of recreation housing
Recorded Presentation    PowerPoint

Food Systems Indicators Profiles (Febuary 2013)
L. Brown (University of Wisconsin-Madison) & A. Haines (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point)
NC Region County Food Systems Profiles Portal
Recorded Presentation   PowerPoint

Overview of USDA Rural Development Loan Program (January 2013)
M. Brodziski & J. Broussard (USDA/Rural Development)
Recorded Presentation          PowerPoint


Keeping Your Equine Business a Vibrant Part of Rural Communities (December 2012)
K. Anderson (University of Nebraska) & C. Skelly (Michigan State University)
Recorded Presentation         PowerPoint

Asset Building in Rural Communities: Exploring Barriers and Identifying Opportunities (December 2012)
C. Needles Fletcher & J. Warning (Iowa State University), R. Heins & P. Olson (University of Minnesota)
Recorded Presentation      PowerPoint

Publishing University Based Engagement (December 2012)
Nancy Franz (Iowa State University)
Recorded Presentation     PowerPoint

Best Practices in Small Town Business Incubation (November 2012)
Randall Jackson & Peter Schaeffer (West Virginia University)
Recorded Presentation     PowerPoint
RRI Working Papers

Incorporating Interactive Web Techniques with Public Engagement and Community Decision Making (November 2012)
C. Seeger, D. Otto & D. Van Wyngarden (Iowa State University), T. Gallion, M. Simon Leuci and S. H. Massengale (University of Missouri)
Recorded Presentation        PowerPoint

Trends in US Farmland Values and Ownership (October 2012)
J. Ifft and T. Kuethe (USDA/Economic Research Service)
Recorded Presentation          PowerPoint

Learning from Community Leadership Development Education: Challenges for Educators (October 2012)
S. Chazdon (University of Minnesota), L. Etuk (Oregon State University), and K. Pigg (Missouri State University)
Recorded Presentation        PowerPoint

21 Years of First Impressions (October 2012)
A. Lewis (University of Wisconsin), M. Moss (The Ohio State University), K. Nix (West Virginia University)
Recorded Presentation                   PowerPoint

Heritage Tourism for the North Central Region (Introduction) (September 2012)
J. Avery (Michigan State University), F. Boggus (Community Planning & Development, Iowa), L. Dickerson and C. Mefford (University of Missouri)
Recorded Presentation           PowerPoint

Rural Wealth Creation: Concepts, Strategies, and Measures (May 2012) (
J. Pender, A. Marré , and R. Reeder (USDA Economic Research Service)
Recorded Presentation                   PowerPoint

The Business Solutions Professional Approach: Connecting Extension to Workforce and Economic Development (April 2012)
M. Polzin and D. Winthrop (MSU Human Resources and Labor Relations)
Recorded Presentation                   PowerPoint

The Economic Crisis - Is There Room for Middle Ground? (April 2012)
A. Womack (University of Missouri)
Recorded Presentation                   PowerPoint

Community Retail Analysis Techniques: Updated Approaches in the New "Downtown Market Analysis Toolbox" (March 2012)
J. Clark and G. Davis (The Ohio State University), R. Pesch and B. Schwartai (University of Minnesota), B. Ryan (University of Wisconsin)
recorded presentation                     PowerPoint
Downtown Market Analysis

Re-Localizing our Foodshed: Models and Methodologies (March 2012)
K. Draeger and D. Abazs (University of Minnesota)
Recorded Presentation                    PowerPoint

Ripple Effect Mapping of Extension (February 2012)
L. Flage (North Dakota State University) and S. Chazdon (University of Minnesota)
Recorded Presentation      PowerPoint 

Challenges Facing Small and Medium Sized Entrepreneurs in Emerging Cool Climate Wine Regions (February 2012)
F. Chaddad (University of Missouri), M. Gomez (Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management), R. B. Ross (Michigan State University)
Recorded Presentation                   PowerPoint

Studying Food System Approaches in Three Types of Rural Communities (February 2012)
M. Hendrickson (University of Missouri), R. Cantrell (University of Nebraska)
Recorded Presentation                   PowerPoint

Publishing Research in Community Development (January 2012)
R. Phillips (Arizona State University)
Recorded Presentation                   PowerPoint

Promoting Science-Based Innovation Business in Agriculture and Natural Resources (January 2012)
R. Griesbach and R. Wagner (USDA, Agricultural Research Service)
Recorded Presentation                   PowerPoint


Best Practice Approaches in the New Economy (December 2011)
D. Ivan (Michigan State University)
Recorded Presentation                   PowerPoint

Strategies for Enhanced University-Business Linkages in the North Central Region (November 2011)
M. Kilkenny (Presentation based on study conducted during visiting appointment with NCRCRD)
Recorded Presentation                   PowerPoint

Place-based Income Inequality Clusters in the Rural North Central Region, 1979-2009 (November 2011)
D. Peters (Iowa State University)
Recorded Presentation                   PowerPoint

Survey on Rural Community Wealth and Health Care Provision (November 2011)
J. Pender (USDA Economic Research Service)
Recorded Presentation                   PowerPoint
Download Survey questionnaires Stakeholder & Physicians
Background information on the survey objectives and design (Federal Register notice)

Proposed Changes to Child Ag Labor Regulations (November 2011)
C. Layman and S. Moore (Michigan State University)
Recorded Presentation                   PowerPoint

The Winners’ Choice: Sustainable Economic Strategies for Successful 21st-Century Regions (November 2011)
M. Partridge and M. Rose Olfert (Ohio State University)
Recorded Presentation                   PowerPoint

The Crow Men’s Health Project: A collaborative research initiative between the Crow Indian Reservation and Montana State University (October 2011)
P. Lachapelle (Montana State University)
Recorded Presentation                   PowerPoint
View video - Crow Men’s Health by MACDEP

Examining Entrepreneurial Activity at Six North American Universities(October 2011)
M. Kenny (University of California, Davis)
Recorded Presentation                   PowerPoint

Designing the New Rural Establishment Innovation Survey (September 2011)
T. Wojan (USDA Economic Research Service)
Recorded Presentation                   PowerPoint

Measuring Community Change (September 2011)
M. Emery (South Dakota State University), M. Wall (Heartland Center for Leadership Development), T. Kelly (Annie E. Casey Foundation), and L. Weaver (Tamarack - An Institute for Community Engagement)
Recorded Presentation                   PowerPoint

Public Value (April 2011)
L. Kalambokidis (University of Minnesota)
Recorded Presentation

Rural Development Policy in the United States: A Critical Analysis & Modest Suggestions (April 2011)
B. Walter Honadle (University of Cincinnati)
PowerPoint               Recorded Presentation

Creating a Digital Meeting Place to Foster Rural Design (March 2011)
T. Kinney
PowerPoint               Recorded Presentation

Public Talk, Public Action: Advancing Civic Capacity to Tackle Tough Issues (March 2011)
W. Wright and S. Hodge
PowerPoint               Recorded Presentation

Higher Education Community Engagement in Rural Areas (February 2011)
R. Stoecker
PowerPoint               Recorded Presentation

Brain Research & Change Strategies (February 2011)
J. Thomas
PowerPoint               Recorded Presentation

Learned Approaches to Successful Community Change(February 2011)
D. Ivan, Norm Walzer, Mark Peterson, Paul Lachapelle, and Mary Emery
PowerPoint               Recorded Presentation

Regional Delivery Systems in Cooperative Extension (January 2101)
G. W. Morse
PowerPoint               Recorded Presentation

Great Lakes Land Grant Institutions Tribal Water Resources Summit: Outcomes and Next Steps (January 2011)
M. Cook, B. Mitchell, P. Robinson, and B. White
PowerPoint               Recorded Presentation

Collaborative Development for Connecting Farms and Community (January 2011)
R. Bloom, C. Francis, M. Gustafson, and S. Moncure
Click here                  Recorded Presentation

Ecosystem Services - The Significance of Contributions by Invasive Plant Species (January 2011)
S. Young
PowerPoint               Recorded Presentation

Where to from here? Future trends impacting Cooperative Extension (January 2011)
J. Thomas


Mapping the Impact of Youth on Community Development: What Are We Learning? (December 2010)
M. Calvert, M. Emery, R. Enfield, B. Baker, and B. Williams
PowerPoint               Recorded Presentation

The Future of Work and its Impact on Extension Systems (December 2010)
K. Gamble
Recorded Presentation

Targeting Regional Economic Development (November 2010)
S. Deller, S. Goetz, and T. Harris
PowerPoint               Recorded Presentation

Competencies for Extension Professionals in the 21st Century (November 2010)
G. Cochran, A. Harder and S. Scheer
Recorded Presentation

Banking Issues Among Entrepreneurs from Underserved Populations (November 2010)
T. Borich and R. Martinez
PowerPoint               Recorded Presentation

Investing in Entrepreneurs (October 2010)
G. Lichtenstein and T. Lyons
PowerPoint               Recorded Presentation

Green Policies, Climate Change, and New Jobs: Separating Fact from Fiction (October 2010)
M. Partridge
PowerPoint               Recorded Presentation