FY 17 18 Awards

North Central Region Aging Network Toolkit Development

PI: Erin Yelland, Kansas State University
Co-PIs: Suzanne Bartholomae (Iowa State University), James Bates (The Ohio State University), Barbara Beaulieu (Purdue University), Jacquelyn Benson (University of Missouri), Leacey Brown (South Dakota State University), Chelsey Byers Gerstenecker (University of Illinois), Linda Cronk (Michigan State University), Kristin Litzelman (University of Wisconsin), Jane Strommen (North Dakota State University), and Marlene Stum (University of Minnesota)
Award: $24,655

Diversifying with Lavender: Resources, Training, Networks for Commercial Lavender Producers

PI: Wynne Wright (Michigan State University)
Co-PIs: Megan Kennelly (Kansas State University); Dennis Hamilton (US Lavender Growers Assoc); Joy Landis and Erin Lizotte (Michigan State University)
Award: $21,686

Quality, affordable child care as economic development in rural communities

PI: Bradford Wiles (Kansas State University)
Co-PIs: Holly Hatton-Bowers (University of Nebraska-Lincoln); Erin Tynon (Kansas State University)
Award: $25,000

Examining HSI and EHSI Potential for Latino Community Development

PI: Rene Rosenbaum (Michigan State University)
Co-PI: Stephen Jeanetta (University of Missouri)
Award: $24,995

Starting and Managing Community Supported Enterprises

PI: David Ivan (Michigan State University)
Co-PI: Norman Walzer (Northern Illinois University)
Award:  $25,000

Current Thinking in Rural Economic Growth and Development

PI: Steven C. Deller (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Co-PIs: Rebekka Martin Dudensing (Texas A&M University), Becca B.R. Jablonski (Colorado State University), Mike Woods (Oklahoma State University-Stillwater), David Chicoine, (South Dakota State University)
Award: $20,000

Rural Mental Health: Understanding Stress and Depression in Farmers and Ranchers

PI: Andrea Bjornestad (South Dakota State University)
Co-PIs: Courtney Cuthbertson and Suzanne Pish (Michigan State University), Karen Funkenbusch (University of Missouri), Charlotte Shoup Olson (Kansas State University), Leacey Brown (South Dakota State University)
Award: $25,000

Leading Change in a Global World

PI: Holli Arp (University of Minnesota)
Co-PI: Kari O’Neill (South Dakota State University)
Award: $25,000