FY 16 17 Awards

Community Entrepreneurial Development Project

PI: Francis Gublo (Michigan State University)
Co-PIs: Charlotte Narjes & Connie Hancock (University of Nebraska) and Andrew Hayes (Michigan State University)
Awarded: $12,000

Addressing Mine-Scarred Land in the Upper Mississippi River Mining District

PI: Geoffrey Siemering (University of Wisconsin)
Co-PIs: Kevin McSweeney (University of Illinois) and Troy Maggied (SW Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission)
Awarded: 15,591

Final Report

Workforce Issues: Collaborating to Build Extension’s Capacity

PI: Kenneth Sherin (South Dakota State University)
Co-PI: Cheryl Burkhart-Kriesel (University of Nebraska)
Awarded: $8,571

Final Report

Using Agent Based Modelling to Understand and Enhance Rural Tourism Industry Collaboration

PI: Sarah Nicholls (Michigan State University)
Co-PIs: Jonathan Day (Purdue University), Bonnie Zoia (Michigan State University)
Awarded: $12,276

Farmer to Non-Farmer: The Role of Farmer Identity on Conservation

PI: Eric Toman (Ohio State University)
CO-PI: J. Arbuckle (Iowa State University)
Awarded: $20,309

Final Report

Redefining Rural Food Deserts by Transportation Networks

PI: Hyung Jin Kim and Gregory Newmark, Kansas State University
Collaborators: David Procter and Nancy Knopp Daniels (Kansas State University); Glen Muske (North Dakota State University); Lori Capouch (North Dakota Assoc. of Rural Electric Cooperatives)

Final Report

Food Council Development in Rural Communities: A Toolkit for Extension Educators

PI: Kendra Wills (Michigan State University)
Co-PI: Jodee Ellett (Purdue University)
Award: $11,000

Final Report