FY 15 16 Awards

Building Leadership to Address Latino Educational Underachievement in the Midwest

PI: Ruben Martinez (Michigan State University)
Co-PI: Kimberly Greder (Iowa State University)
Award: $5,000

Family Business Contributions to Sustainable and Entrepreneurial Rural Communities over Time

PI: Linda Niehm (Iowa State University)
Co-PIs: Glenn Muske and Margaret Fitzgerald (North Dakota State University)
Award: $25,000

Final Report

Successful Disaster Recovery Using the Community Capitals Framework

PI: Gary Goreham (North Dakota State University)
Co-PIs: Daniel Klenow and Becky Koch (North Dakota State University), Meredith Redlin (South Dakota State University), Deborah Bathke, Ashley Mueller, and Nicole Wall (University of Nebraska), Kurt Mantonya (Heartland Center), Bimal Kanti Paul (Kansas State University), Traci Naile and Duane Gill (Oklahoma State University)
Award: $24,976

Final Report

Cultivating Successful Wine and cider-Making Enterprises in the NC Region

PI: Michelle Miller (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Co-PIs: Diana Cochran (Iowa State University) and James Steele (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Award: $10,000

Final Report

Identifying Economically Resilient Small city Downtowns

 PI: Zachary Kennedy (University of Illinois)
Co-PIs: Anna Haines (University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point) and Bruce Schwartau (University of Minnesota)
Award: $6,000

Local Government Fiscal Stress and Innovative Response Strategies

PI: Biswa Das (Iowa State University)
Co-PIs: John Leatherman (Kansas State University), Judith Stallman (University of Missouri), Craig Maher (University of Nebraska), Mark Skidmore and Eric Scorsone (Michigan State University) and Bonnie Bressers (Miller School of Journalism)
Award: $20,353

Final Report

Exploring Programming Opportunities That Help Create Resilient Small City Downtowns

PI: Karl Martin (University of Wisconsin)
Co-PIs: Greg Wise & Bill Ryan (University of Wisconsin), Tim Borich (Iowa State University) and Ryan Pesch (University of Minnesota)
Award: $17,736

Final Report

Innovative Practices for Community Supported Ventures

PI: David Ivan (Michigan State University)
Co-PIs: Greg Wise (University of Wisconsin) and Norman Walzer (Northern Illinois University)
Award: $24,172

Final Report: Summary / Full Report