FY 14 15 Awards

Tribal Community Development Projects in the Great Lakes Regions

PI: Emily Proctor (Michigan State University)
Co-Pis: Dawn Newman (University of Minnesota) & Brian Gauthier (Lac Flambeau Tribal UW)
Awarded: $20,000

Facilitating Rural Development in the greater Great Lakes Region…

PI: J. Robert Sirrine (Michigan State University)
Co-PIs: Erin Lizotte & Diane Brown-Rytlewski (Michigan State University); Charlie Rohwer (University of Minnesota), Brad Bergefurd (Ohio State University); Carl Duley, Timothy Rehbein (University of Wisconsin); Grant McCarty (University of Illinois); Lori Hoagland (Purdue University); Steve Miller (Cornell University); Heather Darby (University of Vermont); Jeanine Davis (North Carolina State University); Evan Elford & Melanie Filotas (Ontario) and Julien Venne (Quebec)
Awarded: $15,000

A Gathering: Towards Tribal Rural Land and Resource Use Sustainability

PI: Jubin Cheruvelil (Michigan State University)
Co-PIs: Gordon Henry (Michigan State University) & Chris Caldwell (College of Menominee Nation)
Awarded: $14,000

Place-Based Leadership: Development of a Research Based Curriculum

PI: Deborah Tootle (Iowa State University)
Co-PI: Todd Johnson (University of Wisconsin)
Award: $19,260