FY 13 14 Awards

Measuring the Impact of Extension’s Web-Based Entrepreneurship Outreach

PI: Reimers-Hild, C. (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Co-PIs: Muske, G. (North Dakota State University) and Hancock, C. (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Awarded: $19,957

Tribal Community Development Projects in the Great Lakes Regions

PI: Proctor, E. (Michigan State University)
Co-PIs: Newman (University of Minnesota), Gauthier, B. (University of Wisconsin)
Awarded: $3,000

Preparing Communities for Shale Development through Sustainable Planning

PI: Moss, M. (Ohio State University)
Co-PIs: Olson, D. (South Dakota State University), Bond, C., Romich, E. & Bowen-Ellzey (Ohio State University)
Collaborator: Tweeten, K. (North Dakota State University)
Awarded: $19,522

Evaluating Impacts of Natural Resource Development

PI: Redlin, M. (South Dakota State University)
Co-PIs: Emery, M., Jacquet, J. & Kang, S. (South Dakota State University); Goreham, G. & Tweeten, K. (North Dakota State University)
Awarded: $12,500

Missouri-Illinois Step Up to Leadership Program Impact Evaluation

PI:Adams, J. (University of Missouri)
Co-PIs: Majee, W. (University of Missouri), Silvis, A. (University of Illinois) & Donahue, G. (Missouri Association for Community Action)
Awarded: $19,150

Elevating and Expanding the Traditional Business Retention & Expansion Program

PI: Bowen-Ellzey, N. (Ohio State University)
Co-PIs: Civittolo, D. (Ohio State University), Hutcheson, S. (Purdue University) & Ladjahasan N. (Iowa State University)

Building community capacity through strategic planning

PI: Silvis, A. (University of Illinois)
Co-PIs: Nesbitt, B. (Ohio State University)
Project Collaborators: Brown, K. (University of Illinois); Davis, G. & Merkowitz, R. (Ohio State University)
Awarded: $18,000