FY 12 13 Awards

Shifting Intermediaries: Tracing the Land Grant Role in Water Management in Nebraska

PI: Gasteyer, S. (Michigan State University)
Co-PIs: Knutson, C., Schutz, A., and Wall, N. (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Award: 20,000

Assist Farmers in Rural MI & WI in Making Informed Decisions About On-farm Scale Anaerobic Digesters

PI: Gould, C. (Michigan State University)
Co-PIs: Haugen, V. (University of Wisconsin), Kirk, D. (Michigan State University), Larson, B. (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Rivin, J. (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point)
Award: $9,538

Rural Social Media Champions: Development of Models of Diffusion & Best Business Practices

PI: Niehm, L. (Iowa State University) Co-PIs: Frazier, B. (Western Michigan University), Stoel, L. (The Ohio State University)
Award: $18,427

Utility Scale Renewable Energy Development - Project Siting & Conflict Resolution

PI: Romich, E. (Ohio State University)  CoPIs: Beya, W. (Michigan State University), Hall, P. (The Ohio State University)
Award: $10,732

Are we Ready? Community Leadership in the Disaster Cycle

PI: Silvis, A (University of Illinois Extension) CoPIs: Cain, S. (Purdue University)
Collaborator: Maltsberger, B. (University of Missouri Extension)
Award: $12,000