FY 11 12 Awards

Keeping Your Equine Business a Vibrant Part of Rural Communities

PI: Anderson, K. (Extension Equine Specialist, University of Nebraska)
Co-PIs: Auwerda, P. (Iowa State University), Heyboer, G. (Michigan State University), Martinson. K. (University of Minnesota), Skelly, C. (Michigan State University), Waite, K. (Michigan State University)
Award: $11,436

Heritage Tourism for the North Central Region

PI: Avery, J. (Michigan State University Museum Curator)
Co-PIs: Dickerson, L. (University of Missouri), Mefford, C. (University of Missouri)
Award: $15,685

Helping nonmetro communities and underserved entrepreneurs grow together

PI: Borich, T. (Iowa State University) Co-PI: Mykerezi, E. (University of Minnesota)
Award: $16,500

Evaluating Impacts of Community Leadership Programs:

PI: Emery, M. (South Dakota State University) Co-PIs: Chazdon, S. (University of Minnesota),  Otto, D. (Iowa State University)
Award: $19,473

Poverty & Other Socioeconomic Distress in the North Central Region: Assessing Trends & Determinants

PI: Lobao, L. (The Ohio State University)
Co-PIs: Goe, R. (Kansas State University), Partridge, M. (The Ohio State University)
Award: $19,688

Recreational Homes, Gateway Communities, and Rural Development

PI: Marcouiller, D. (University of Wisconsin – Madison)
Co-PIs: Deller, S. (University of Wisconsin – Madison), Erkkila, D. (NC Research and Outreach Center), Gartner, B. (University of Minnesota – Twin Cities), Green, G. (University of Wisconsin – Madison), Haverkampf, K. (University of Wisconsin), Skidmore, M. (Michigan State University), Vogt, C. (Michigan State University), Winkler, R. (University of Wisconsin – Madison), Ziebarth, A. (University of Minnesota – Twin Cities)
Award: $10,518

Asset Building in Rural Communities: Exploring Barriers and Identifying Opportunities

PI: Needles Fletcher, C., (Iowa State University)
Co-PI: Flage, L. (North Dakota State University), Olson, P. (University of Minnesota Extension), Warning, J. (Iowa State University)
Award: $18,708

Incorporating Community Issues Management with Public Engagement and Community Decision Making

PI: Otto, D. (Iowa State University)
Co-PIs: Fulcher, C. (University of Missouri), Leuci, M.(University of Missouri), Seeger, C. (Extension Specialist in Landscape Architecture), VanWyngarden, D. (Iowa State University Extension)
Award: $20,000