FY 10 11 Awards

Contribution of Youth Engagement to the Development of Community Social Capital

PI: Calvert, M. (UW-Extension 4-H Youth Development)
Co-PIs: Blyth, D. (Univ. of Minnesota), Allen, R. (Hubert H. Humphrey Center Minneapolis), Wise, G. (UW-Extension)
Award: $18,000

Collaborative Proposal Development for Connecting Farm and Community

PI: Conley, D. (Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Co-PI: Francis, C. (Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln), Wells, B. (Iowa State Univ.)
Award: $19,000

Preparing Youth for an Increasingly Diverse World

PI: de Guzman, M. (Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln) 
Co-PIs: Fairchild, P. (Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln), Potthoff, K. (Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln), Randall, B. (North Dakota State Univ.), Vettern, R. (North Dakota State Univ.), Cervantes-Guzman, J. (Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln), Becker, J. (Purdue Univ. Extension), Taylor, J. (Univ. of Missouri), Witkoske, T. (Purdue Univ. Extension)
Award: $2,000

Great Lakes Land Grant Institutions Tribal Water Resources Summit

PI: Robinson, P. (Univ. of Wisconsin-Extension)
Co-PIs: Cook, M. (College of Menominee Nation), Zak, D. (Univ. of Minnesota), Power, R. (Univ. of Wisconsin-Extension)
Award: $15,000

Challenges Facing Small and Medium Sized Entrepreneurs in Emerging Cool Climate Wine Regions

PI: Ross, B. (Michigan State University)
Co-PIs: Chaddad, F. Univ. of Missouri), Gómez, M. (Cornell University)
Award: $20,000

Establishing a Knowledge and Organizational Infrastructure for Rural Design

PI: Kinney, T. (Univ. of Minnesota)  (Formerly Streng, S. (Univ. of Minnesota)
Co-PIs: Thorbeck, D. (Univ. of Minnesota), Borich, T. (Iowa State Univ.)
Award: $10,000

Public Talk, Public Action: Professional Development Community of Practice

PI: Wright, W. (Michigan State Univ.) Co-PI: Hodge, S. (Univ. of Missouri)
Award: $10,000

The Impact of Invasive Plant Species on Ecosystem Goods and Services

PI: Young, S. (Univ. of Nebraska)
Award: $5,000