FY 09 10 Awards

Improving Practice and Collaboration to Aid Distressed Rural Communities

PI: Cordes, S. (Purdue U.) Co-PI: Emery, M. (Iowa State)
Award: $15,000

Studying Food System Approaches in Three Types of Rural Communities

PI: Hendrickson, M. (U. Missouri) Co-PI: Cantrell, R. (U. Nebraska)
Award: $14,000

Final Report

Rural Alliance for Service-Learning

PI: Proulx-Curry, P. (U. Wisconsin-Madison)
Co-PIs: Stoecker, R. (U. Wisconsin-Madison), Goreham, G. (NDSU), Nagy, D. (SDSU), Mark, C. (Michigan State), Wood, S. (Kansas State)
Award: $14,700

Final Report

Immigration Reform:  Implications for Farmers, Farm Workers and Communities

PI:  Martinez, R. (Michigan State U.) Co-PI:  Flora, C. (Iowa State U.)
Award: $17,973

Final Report

Re-Localizing Our Foodshed:  New Models and Methodologies for Planning Our Food Future

PI:  Draeger, K. (U. Minnesota) [Adamek, Margaret]
Co-PIs:  Cadieux, V. (U. Minnesota), Gold, A. (NDSU), Kurzer, M. (U. Minnesota), Kutka, F. (NDSU), Pesch, R. (U. Minnesota), Porter, P. (U. Minnesota), Robertson, C. (U. Minnesota), Stark, S. (U. Minnesota-Duluth)
Award: $17,210

Final Report


Community Retail Development Toolbox Project

PI: Davis, G. (The Ohio State University)
Co-PIs:  Clark, J. (The Ohio State University), Irwin E. (The Ohio State University), Pesch, R. (U. Minnesota), Ryan, B. (U. Wisconsin-Madison), Schwartau, B. (U. Minnesota)
Award: $19,048

Final Report

Building Extension’s Capacity for a Sustainable Communities Program

PI: Haines, A. (U. Wisconsin-Stevens Point) Co-PI: Beyea, W. (Michigan State U.)
Award: $17,000

Innovations and Success in Community & Economic Development Extension Programming

PI:  Ivan, D. (Michigan State U.)Co-PI:  Emery, M. (Iowa State U.)
Award: $16,000

Final Report