Strengthening the ability of the land grant university system to execute its rural development mission


Local Foods Impact Conference (April 3/4, 2017) Washington, DC Training Webinar

Farmers Market and Local Food Promotion Program Webinar (USDA/AMS)

NCERA– 216 Webinar Series Which Latino-Owned Businesses Survive? ...

USDA Announces $27 Million in Grants Available to Support the Local Food Sector

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About the NCRCRD

The North Central Regional Center for Rural Development (NCRCRD) works with extension professionals, researchers, and their partners to enhance rural development outcomes in the twelve state north central region (see map above for the states). The NCRCRD is jointly funded by the USDA and Land Grant Universities in the twelve state region. The NCRCRD is part of a group of four centers that together cover the entire United States. The four centers work collaboratively on issues that cross regional boundaries. The other three centers are:

The NCRCRD is Directed by a tenured faculty member at Michigan State University. The NCRCRD works to establish collaborative working relationships across the region to address emerging and continuing issues of interest to rural communities.